1. What happens if I want to return my item?

All sales are final. Please reach out to us if you have any questions on an item. 


2. How long are shipping times?

Your products will ship within three business days of your order. Each product has an estimated delivery time of 3-5 business days.


3. How does Curbside pick-up work?

Once you place your order, you will receive a notification text that your item is ready for pick up, typically, within an hour. Safety is important to us, so we will bring the item out to your parking spot masked but still with a smile.


4. What is the difference between Wicker & Rattan?

Wicker is a style of weave whereas rattan is a material. You have probably heard the two used together because it is common to see wicker rattan weaves; meaning a design that uses rattan in a wicker weave. One describes the product(rattan) while the other describes the actual process(wicker) that is followed to make it.

Wicker is a style of weave that is commonly used for baskets and furniture. Wicker is a technique that has been passed down through the ages and continues to be prevalent in modern furniture design.

Rattan is a type of material that is used in wicker weaves. Rattan is a naturally growing vine like species that is native to tropical regions of Australia, Asia, and Africa. For production use, the skin is peeled away and utilized for weaving purposes.